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Emergency Only

If you have an emergency and are unable to reach us at  , or our agent, Richard Thalhimer at within 24  hours ,  provided is a list of our approved vendors for emergency repair.  In the event of life threatning situations, please dial 911.

W. E. Bowman (General Contractor)  804-439-3300 .   Ed Bowman and his staff have the authority to authorize the appropriate vendor at their discretion.

Additional approved vendors
Hallmark Electric   804-730-2795


BRC Mechanical Services  Heating Air Conditioning and Plumbing  804-291-1042. Hub Center and Lakeside Towne Center  Split system repair only.  Wall units contact Peter Francisco for repair or replacement as determined.

Kelleher HVAC 804-649-7501 (Lawrence Place- -Bank Building -Glatter Fitness only.) (Individual office units contact Peter Francisco for repair or replacement as determined.)

Plumbing leaks:   BRC Mechanical (BRC)  804-291-1042

Virginia Elevator (Kone)  Lawrence Place Only.  Building ID:  5199767
  24 hour emergency  1-877-276-8691  or e-mail   Please provide a description of the problem along with building identification.  

Non Emergency Roofing drips,
Leave a message with Peter L. Francisco Co. along with a complete description of the problem.  

SNOW REMOVAL POLICY:  The timing of snow removal is not guaranteed.  Plowing starts after 6" of snow has fallen if plowing is available. Snow is rearranged to allow customers and employees access to the parking lots. Snow and ice is never completely cleared.  We rely on warming temperatures and sunshine to remove whatever is left behind. Clearing of sidewalks and in front of doors is the responsibility of the businesses.  It is recommended that if snow is predicted, automobiles are removed from the parking lots the night before.  Each business owner should bring a shovel to clear walkways to  their doors.  In the event of icy spots, sand is the preferred treatment.  Each business should keep a couple gallons of sand accessible to treat slick spots.

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